We are a remote working agency specialising in strategic social media marketing solely focusing on conscious and sustainable brands.

BAAF wants to bring consciousness and efforts into making this world a better place by promoting brands that do good in this world, that see the problems and offer a solution - for more awareness, consciousness, sustainability, morals and ethics on this planet. Marketing is extremely powerful and it hurts to see that huge world brands that have a bad influence on us, on the world, on the environment, the “bad guys”, tend to get most of the attention due to their profound marketing. But people start to wake up, they start to question the values of brands, they start to think beyond a simple pleasure and open up to the fact that each dollar they spent is like a vote for certain values. We want to encourage the consciousness and awareness of consumption and help brands that make a dent to strive in this world, to grow and to find and expand their voice and audience - together, as friends, as companions, as rebels with a good cause, as robin hoods, we make this world a better place.

BAAF is a network of creatives founded by Angelika Schlothauer, short Angi.
Angi built her own personal following to over 110K friends on Instagram and has a profound professional education in international marketing management - calling three academic business degrees including a masters in international marketing management her own. In the last couple years she successfully worked with over 80 brands in the social media marketing sphere - including world brands such as Hilton Hotels, Schwarzkopf, ​L'Oréal, Frank Body, HiSmile, Boohoo, or the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia, and many many more.

She successfully established herself as an influencer and content creator and even as an exclusive influencer partner of marketing legend Gary Vee. 

What toots her horn but are topics like spirituality, consciousness, sustainability, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, the environment, healthy nutrition, neuroscience and quantum physics and so much more - being a certified yoga teacher, usui and quantum reiki master, as well as meditation and breathwork teacher makes her the ideal marketer for conscious and sustainable brands. Her high empathy for people, animals and the environment made her realise that she can easily step into the shoes of just anyone - influencing her interest in psychological marketing and consumer behaviour ​to a degree that she implemented a couple empirical studies about brand personalities, consumer-brand congruence- and relationship, as well as the subconscious communication of design attributes such as colors.
She used all her knowledge, skills and proficiency to form the unique approach to BAAF - with the combination of her personal values, morals and ethics.





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