HOWM is the first self-dating app that provokes introspection and emotional and mental change and true self-realisation - The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.



Brand Development

Brand Design

Social Branding 

Full Social Media Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy 

Social Auditing

Brand Positioning in the social sphere

Competitor Analysis

Development of Brand Personality


Brand Conform Social Media Goals and Strategy

Social Listening and Monitoring

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We helped HOWM create a holistic brand and brand representation - from brand development, to digital and social branding, to creating an intended brand identity, personality and brand design, to logo design and strategic consumer-band-relationship building techniques on social channels. 

The goal was to build a consumer-focused brand that triggers feelings of the "inner child" with imperfect and relatable design-elements, as well as making hard-to-digest topics easily understandable and tangible by using young language and thus connecting to the intended audience on a subconscious level. 


The result of our work is the creation of a contemporary brand, brand language, design and representation on a multidimensional and subconscious level - triggering the intended emotions of the target audience. We created a bold brand, a movement about empowering a deeper connection and understanding of oneself. We bought the strategy to life to represent HOWM as "being" self-recognition, self-love, and freedom. HOWM is your future self looking back at you giving you a step-by-step plan to rediscover yourself and come "HOWM" to yourself.

We directed two campaign videos with the goal to encapsulate the emoting feelings of the intended target audience. We used them successfully to tease the launch of the app, evoke interest and provoke thought processes within the audience.

Creative direction: Brand as a Friend

Video edit: Shun Oguma

Music composer: Satoko Oguma


"This couldn't have been done without you, Angi! You went far above any expectations"