The Connection Lounge® is an invitation to deliberately and intentionally improve your life by co-creating a global network of transformational leaders. Their events are designed to rediscover your vision and purpose while creating deep connections. 


Social Branding

Full Social Media Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy 

Social Auditing

Brand Positioning in the social sphere

Competitor Analysis

Development of Brand Personality


Brand Conform Social Media Goals and Strategy

Social Listening and Monitoring

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We helped THE CONNECTION LOUNGE redefine the core of its business to its very essence - based on branding aspects such as a well defined mission, vision, positioning, brand personality, and values, we created a holistic social media marketing concept thats goal is to translate the brand into the emotions the audience longs to feel. A wholesome psychological consumer analysis gave us deep truthful insights into how THE CONNECTION LOUNGE as a heartfelt brand accompanies the needs, wishes and dreams of its audience and provides valuable input.   


The result of our work is the translation of the vision of the brand into a compelling emotional language on social media - The vision is to change the world for a better and unite humanity through enabling each individual to transform into their best version of themselves, cultivate unity and emotional intelligence within themselves to change not only their lives for a better, but influence all people around them and become the transformational leader that sleeps within. Through giving people the courage and the blueprint to be their best selves, we intend to raise their individual vibrations which will ultimately lead to a rise of vibration of the whole world - the transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself. 


"Angi! WOW!!! You are so gifted!!! That is incredible!! I definitely resonate and am so impressed. Thank you so much!"